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NEW! 5 week Fall 3v3 Middle School and High School league. This league (Game Play) is designed for kids at all skill levels, teams will be split up evenly based on their skill level to ensure competitive game play. Games will consist of 3v3 half court and full court 15 minute halfs. Each game will have their own board certified ref to ensure competitive “fair” play.

Benefits of this league include:

More touches, shots, handling the ball, passes, rebounds, etc... for players: On average players will touch the ball 1/6 of the time as opposed to 1/10 of the time in 5v5.

Everyone is a guard: One of our rules in 3v3 is if you get a rebound you dribble the ball out. All players need to learn to dribble with their head up and look to advance the ball.

Harder to defend: 3v3 is harder to defend than 5v5, it is more difficult to get away with poor defense so players naturally have to have better help side and ball containment.

Great way to teach almost all screens and cuts that you would utilize in a 5v5 offense: pass and cut, screen aways, hard curls, ball screens, dribble drive action etc...

When: Sunday mornings From 9am-12pm / October 7th – 14th – 21st – 28th – November 4th  (5 weeks)

Who: NCAA Division (Middle School) Boys & Girls grades 5-8 (Max 25)


Who:  PRO Division (High School) Boys and Girls grades 9-12 (Max 25)


Where: Waynflete High School, 360 Spring Street Portland (Guild Hall if necessary)

Cost: $165 (Includes T-Shirt) / 1 free weekly Skills and Drills attendance

Referee: We will have board certified refs for all games

Lead Instructor: Robert Pilsbury

Questions: Call or E-Mail Robert Pilsbury / 207-409-2359 or